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Smart Investment in White Label SaaS SEO Tools

For Digital Marketing Agencies

Maximize your agency’s potential by investing in the White-Label SaaS dashboard. Access a comprehensive suite of analytics tools designed to optimize digital marketing strategies and deliver unparalleled results for clients. With white-label customization, enhance your agency’s credibility and attract new clients.

For SEO Studios

Supercharge your studio’s performance with our White-Label SaaS dashboard. Revolutionize your SEO strategies by leveraging advanced tools and real-time data to exceed client expectations. With white-label branding, showcase your professionalism and foster long-term partnerships. Invest in your SEO dashboard to streamline operations, get “warm” leads, and secure real financial gains.

For Web Development Studios

If you’re eager to take business relations with your clients to the next level, our dedicated white-label dashboard is the go-to option. Move towards success by teaming up with YourSeoBoard.

White-label SaaS Dashboard Explained

White-label SaaS Dashboard is a comprehensive web analytics and SEO audit platform that can be run on your domain. It will enable you to provide your clients with advanced analytics services under your brand.

Dedicated SEO Dashboard Explained

Google SERP analysis

You can use this Dashboard features set to show your clients their website positions in the Google SERP as well as the TOP pages and the keywords they rank for. Our Competitor analysis tool helps reveal major competitors in the required niche, check their traffic-driving keywords, and get a clue of their promotion strategy.

Technical SEO audit

One of the competitive edges of our White-label SEO Dashboard is that you can conduct a comprehensive website analysis within it. Everything from technical audit to speed test are now under one roof. Your clients will love it!

Technical SEO audit
SEO reports

SEO reports

Report Center tool is another unique feature of our innovation-driven SEO Dashboard. It works by creating report delivery schedules for each of your clients individually. This tool’s benefit to your business is undeniable as it enables you to provide your clients with comprehensive SEO reports with your logo and brand name on them.

Don’t hesitate to dip your toe into these data-driven tools functionality on

Our White-Label SaaS dashboard is a robust web analytics and SEO audit tool customizable to your domain, allowing you to offer superior analytics services under your brand. It’s akin to having your own version of Ubersuggest or Semrush, significantly enhancing your market offering and revenue potential.

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How It Works

1White Label SEO Dashboard is launched on your domain (e.g.

How It Works 1
How It Works 2

2Dashboard customization process that includes adding your logo, contact info, menu tabs, links, chat plugin, GA code, and other features.

3Once the customization process is completed, you get access to the Admin Panel to manage your client requests, view user data and activity statistics.

How It Works 3

What Is the Admin Panel?

The Admin Panel is an all-in-one panel aimed to track statistics, customize settings, and manage leads. You’re free to create as many accounts as you need here, granting access to each member of your team.

Launch SEO Dashboard
What Is DSD Admin Panel 1

4You work with your leads through the Admin Panel, getting and processing their requests.

5The goal we set is achieved. You offer your clients extended functionality of our White-label SaaS Dashboard and double your revenue.

What Is DSD Admin Panel 2

Benefits of Integrating White-Label SaaS into Your Business

When running an SEO / Digital Marketing / Web Development / Hosting or similar business, you need a set of professional web analytics and SEO audit tools to provide your clients with up-to-date insights. The YourSeoBoard is just the thing. It’s a toolkit under your own brand that your clients can use for free with your company’s domain.
  • Increased Customer Retention: Embedding professional SEO tools on your site not only fosters loyalty but also catalyzes sales growth.
  • Attract New Clients: Offering comprehensive SEO analytics as a value-added service makes your platform a lead magnet.
  • Cost Reduction: Eliminate expenses on external APIs and platform maintenance, reallocating funds towards nurturing leads and expanding your business.
  • Enhanced Service Delivery: Enable direct service requests through the White-Label SaaS, simplifying the client engagement process.
  • Sales Boost: Utilize the White-Label SaaS to significantly uplift your SEO related service sales.

Strategies to Maximize Sales through White-Label SaaS Investment

Offer Unmatched Value

Boosting sales through added value is a proven strategy. With White-Label SaaS dashboard, you provide pivotal web analytics and SEO audit tools, directly contributing to client satisfaction and business growth. This two-way value stream, enriched by White-Label SaaS comprehensive services, ensures client retention and referrals.

Generate More Leads

The White-Label SaaS utility in attracting leads is unparalleled. By facilitating seamless service requests, you can guide potential clients through the conversion funnel more efficiently, turning inquiries into lucrative contracts.

Drive Purchases with Targeted Reports

Utilize the White-Label Reports Center to further stimulate sales. Regular, branded SEO reports not only keep your clients engaged but also position your agency as the go-to for their needs, streamlining the lead-to-client conversion process.

Invest in YourSeoBoard White-Label SaaS dashboard and unlock new financial opportunities, leveraging advanced SEO tools to cultivate a profitable base.

* YourSeoBoard respects nondisclosure and noncompetition terms. We do not process Dashboard visitors’ requests and personal data. The Dashboard visitors’ requests are available only to the Dashboard owner and the Admin Panel users to whom the owner has granted the appropriate access.

The White-Label SaaS Dashboard is all about web analytics and technical SEO audits

  • Our SaaS Dashboard is an analytics platform, and it doesn’t include SEO, or any other website promotion service.
  • Our White-Label Dashboard doesn’t include promotion campaigns, either. Since this platform is designed to help you increase your service sales, consider placing CTA buttons or links to the Dashboard on your main site’s pages and promoting them.
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with YourSeoBoard!

Let us delve into the tools available within our White-Label SaaS Dashboard:

Analytics & SEO Audit Tools

  • SERP data (Google Stats; Best Pages; Competitors)
  • Webpage Analyzer
  • Website Checker
  • Page Speed Analyzer
reports 1
reports 2

White Label

  • Domain name
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Physical address on Google Maps

Report center

  • Downloading all types of reports in both PDF and CSV formats
  • Branding of the reports
reports 3
reports 4

Email notifications

  • Users events
  • Users messages


  • 43 interface languages to choose from
  • Another language localization is available upon request
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Find the difference between our White-label SaaS Dashboard and hyped analytics tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Semrush

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Dashboard Statistics

Track the incoming traffic, client requests, and other data that may contribute to your business development.

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