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Comprehensive SEO toolkit and admin capabilities to empower your agency

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Unlock the Power of Our White-label SaaS Dashboard and Admin Panel

Discover how our cutting-edge SEO platform can streamline your agency’s workflow. With a powerful web analytics dashboard, SEO audit tools, and an intuitive admin panel, our solution enables seamless customization and control. Dive into our demos to see how you can enhance your business operations.

Comprehensive SEO Toolkit

The White-label SaaS Dashboard provides powerful web analytics and SEO audit tools that offer actionable insights into any website’s digital presence. This includes tracking Google SERP positions, identifying high-traffic pages, and conducting comprehensive SEO audits to uncover optimization opportunities.

Customization and Branding

The Admin Panel allows agencies to tailor the dashboard’s interface to reflect their branding, including colors, logos, and contact information. This ensures a cohesive brand identity and enhances customer trust.

Streamlined Lead Management

The Admin Panel offers robust lead management capabilities, enabling agencies to track and manage leads generated through the dashboard. This streamlines the sales funnel, improves client engagement, and contributes to sustainable growth for the agency.

View Dashboard Demo

Take control of your agency’s branding and client engagement with the Admin Panel


Tailor the dashboard’s interface to reflect your agency’s branding, including colors, logos, and contact information. This creates a cohesive and professional look, enhancing brand recognition and client trust.

Usage Statistics

Monitor how clients interact with the dashboard, including which tools they use, how often they access it, and what insights they gain. Use this data to refine your services, target key areas for growth, and develop marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.

Lead Management

Track and manage leads generated through the dashboard, helping you identify potential clients and streamline your sales funnel. This feature ensures you can nurture leads effectively, turning them into long-term customers and driving sustainable growth for your agency.

Inside the Admin Panel: Features and Tools

The Admin Panel serves as your command center, enabling you to customize your Dashboard, manage leads and requests, view statistics, and organize your team’s workflow seamlessly.

  • Users & Leads:
    • Registered Users: Access your Dashboard data of all registered users.
    • Client Requests: Monitor and manage all requests from Dashboard users, including callback requests.
  • User News:
    • Track user activities such as new registrations, project creation, requests, and email interactions.
  • Statistics:
    • Summary Stat: Get general Dashboard statistics on traffic, website visitors, new registrations, and client requests.
    • User Activity: View daily statistics on user actions, including new projects, checks, downloaded reports, and shared links.
  • Settings:
    • Admin Panel Accounts: Create new Admin Panel user accounts and manage permissions individually for team members.
    • Dashboard Settings:Customize your Dashboard by uploading logos, favicons, company contact details, and custom JavaScript. Set language preferences, configure on-page settings, and establish a Support Service.

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