dsd customization

Pricing page builder

You can create your pricing page within an SEO Dashboard. Pricing Page Builder is a simple-to-use builder that enables you to publish your pricing plans, describe your services, and choose the pricing elements to display.

Please note! You can't charge your clients for using the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. But you can create actual pricing for your company’s services, such as SEO, marketing, web development, hosting and others.

If your Dashboard is multilingual, the data for each language should be inputted separately. You can switch from one language to another using a select at the top of the page.

How to customize meta tags

You should start by configuring the following points:

  • Title of a Dashboard menu item (this is the default one, but you can configure it as you wish)
  • Meta description, H1, and H2 (these are the default ones, but you can configure them as you want)

How to configure packages

The pricing page has two pre-configured packages by default.

You can create two more price tables and make changes to the existing ones.

The following points might be configured in each package:

  • Package name
  • Package options (add the required number of options that shortly describe the advantages of a package and its functionality)
  • Call to action (the button text by clicking on which a user opens a contact form to fill in)

How to enable Pricing page options

You should place a mark in the "Enable package" checkbox to display a service or tariff plan on the pricing page.

Besides, you can add the “All packages included” block to specify all the services that are included in the packages. To display the “All packages included” block on a page, you should place a mark in the corresponding checkbox.

The same goes for a contact form display customization on a pricing page. The form is only active with a mark in a checkbox.

How to complete the Pricing page setup

Click on a "Save" button as soon as you're done with all customizations, and they are displayed on a pricing page.

The link to a Pricing page will automatically ear in the Menu.

The “Reset” button restores the default settings:

  • Default meta tags and headings
  • Two pre-configured packages are enabled
  • “All packages included” - the option is disabled
  • “The contact form” - the option is enabled