Tips on how to promote DSD

Once you’ve launched the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you should start thinking about its further promotion. We've collected some proven techniques on how to bring in more clients to DSD. Check them out and choose the best ones to introduce into your promotion campaign.

Refer traffic from your main domain to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard

It would be best if you put your mind to promoting your primary domain and then redirect visitors from it to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. This marketing funnel will encourage your prospective clients to send you a request.

You may redirect your website visitors to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard in a few ways. Let's consider them from simple to complex:

  • CTA button

Place a call-to-action button on your website to redirect each user that clicks on it to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard (depending on the given context and your goals, it might be a homepage or a particular service page ).

A CTA button text should encourage your site visitors to take the desired action. Here's what phrases you may use for that purpose, "Check Out Your Site Rankings," "Reveal The Best Pages," "Track the competitors' performance," etc.

You may place one button in the site's header and others on various website pages. It will enable you to redirect your site visitors to the corresponding DSD services like Keywords in TOP, Best Pages, Competitors, and others.

If you manage your site through one of the user-friendly CMS like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, you can add a CTA button anywhere you want by yourself. If you do not know how to do that, it'd be better to assign your web developer with this task.

  • Online form

Invite your visitors to check their rankings progress or perform a website audit by inputting a domain in a specific form on your site. As soon as a user inputs his/her website URL into the form and presses the button, the corresponding DSD page with the given domain should open.

It will take you more time and effort to create an online form on your website. However, this approach will bring you higher conversion than a call-to-action button alone. You may use the offered CMS tools or a special plugin to create an online form. In case you want to develop a customized form, you might need the help of a webmaster.

Make sure to create a catching headline for an online form and a CTA button to encourage your visitors to use the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

An online form sample:

  • Landing page

If you want to promote your SEO Dashboard apart from the primary website, it makes sense to create a landing page dedicated to it.

Our YourSeoBoard homepage is a good sample of such a landing. Here you may find everything from available options description to service advantages. The mandatory landing page elements are call-to-action buttons and online forms. They're required to redirect your website visitors to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

Make sure the content you publish on a dedicated landing page is authentic. This fact is crucial for effective promotion on the Google SERP.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract more leads

  • 1. How to find leads on Facebook

Social media groups are the communities where people share information and help each other deal with different issues. Your task is to find a community, the predominant part of which comprises your potential clients. Then all it takes is to communicate with them and offer practical solutions to their problems.

You may search for the needed groups by a particular keyword in a title. For instance, if your potential clients are online store owners, then you should use the words "shop," "shopping," "seller," "supplier," and others to find them. What is more, if you offer local SEO services, you should add the name of a city or a region to a key phrase.

There are both public and private groups on Facebook. Make sure to join private communities to be able to leave comments there. Sometimes it's required to answer a few questions to become a part of private groups. Make sure not to neglect this.

When you've joined the required groups and received administrators' approval, you may start searching through publications and comments. As a rule, this task is delegated to the SMM department. If you're an independent specialist or a freelance, you'll have to find time on social media.

Use keywords and hashtags to search for the comments and posts that you might be interested in. For instance, select a search by publications and enter the phrase "promote a website" or a hashtag #seo in the search box. The chances are that users write comments like "How to check my website positions?" or "How to choose the appropriate keywords for my website?" to the posts devoted to SEO promotion and the related topics. It is your chance to attract new leads to your SEO Dashboard with minimum investment. Answer the comments of community members and provide them with a link to free website analysis. You should be helpful and speak to the point. This way, you will easily gather a loyal audience that you can subsequently turn into your paying clients.

  • 2. How to find leads on Twitter

Twitter is another platform for seeking new leads. Dozens of online businesses have their official accounts on Twitter. What is more, the topic of promoting websites on Google is also one of the hottest here. Use #SEO or #ecommerce hashtags to search for the trends that are widely discussed. Make sure to answer users' questions on topics in your expertise area and share the link to your SEO Dashboard if needed.

  • 3. LinkedIn networking

Start with connecting people you've already acquainted with. Then check out a list of people you may know in the "My Network" section. This way, you will gradually expand your network on LinkedIn.

When you're searching for the required posts on Linkedin, you may use the same keywords and hashtags you use for Facebook and Twitter. Comment on posts when you see you can help users to answer their questions. Don't forget to add a link to your SEO Dashboard if needed.

What is NOT recommended to do on social media

  • DO NOT spam
  • DO NOT join all groups at once
  • DO NOT be rude in the comments
  • DO NOT post broken links