Lead generation techniques

When you're launching the Dashboard, you should set a few primary goals, including new leads generation and their turnover into loyal clients. We are here to assist you in fulfilling these goals.

1. Invest in your primary website promotion

SEO or search engine optimization is still the essential method of attracting visitors to your site. That is why if you haven't made efforts to promote your primary website yet, it is the right time to start.

Top reasons to invest in your primary website promotion:

  • A domain is not new and has rankings in Google TOP
  • There is a certain number of backlinks that point to a website
  • The unique and valuable content is already published on a website

These factors will significantly contribute to a home or landing page rankings growth.

2. Develop a conversion funnel

The goal of this conversion funnel is to make a client leave a request. Let’s see how to accomplish it.

  • Stage 1: Attract leads to your website

First off, you should make your potential clients aware of your site and the provided services. Use the effective SEO/SMM tools and follow our recommendations from the Dashboard Promotion Tips article.

  • Stage 2: Implement sales encouraging triggers

As soon as the prospective clients open your site, you should start stimulating them to check your Dashboard potential. Make sure to implement the call-to-action buttons and online forms as the most effective means that leverage purchase intention. Using them, you will encourage your visitors to analyze their websites through SEO Dashboard. 

  • Stage 3: Show your leads their weak points and offer the solution 

With the Dashboard, your clients may get the results of an SEO audit and rankings analysis as well as check their content uniqueness and website loading speed. The comprehensive website analysis will reveal its evident weaknesses and technical issues. These data will encourage visitors to send you a request. 

  • Stage 4: Client request

On the final stage of the conversion funnel, your prospective client should send you a request for a free SEO consultation, request a callback, etc. With the help of a contact form, users will send you the requests directly through the SEO Dashboard. All client requests are available in your DSD Admin Panel and will be duplicated on your email.

This conversion funnel will help you to attract and engage more leads that are interested in your services. With the help of your Admin Panel, you will be able to track and analyze their actions to enhance your sales funnel. 

3. Use lead magnets

A lead magnet is valuable content that your potential client may get for free by sharing their contact data with you. This approach is widely used by marketers as it does not require much investment and might be implemented in an instant. Everything from a free checklist and real case analysis to a report and e-book might work as a lead magnet. 

As you have the Dashboard and Report Center at hand, you can send your potential client a comprehensive SEO report in PDF format. To do this, you will need the email address of your lead. It is fair that only a few people want to share their email with third parties. However, at the same time, most webmasters want to get a free website analysis. 

Use one of these PDF-reports as your lead magnet:

  • Keywords in TOP report
  • Best Pages report
  • Report on the existing competitors
  • Webpage Analyzer report (sheds light on the errors and provides recommendations)
  • Website Checker report
  • Report on a page loading speed

You should test out different approaches to find out which lead magnet works best for your audience. For instance, in one month, you can offer your potential clients a free SEO audit for their homepage while analyzing their site by key phrases and others. This way, you will reveal which lead magnet works best for your business.

4. Improve your email marketing strategy

Your letters should bring value to the recipients to ensure your email marketing effectiveness. The chances are a webmaster won't open another promotional email with unnecessary information. Thus, you better provide your prospective clients with reports on their website rankings or the results of an SEO audit for the homepage. The webmasters will most likely open such a letter and check out the services provided by a company that sent it. 

Use your Dashboard for leading a fruitful email marketing campaign. With the Report Center, you will easily set up one-time or recurring report delivery to your prospective clients' emails. 

Please note that holidays should serve as another great occasion to remind your potential clients about your services. Send thematic congratulation emails to your current and prospective customers. A great addition would be to provide your lead with a discount coupon on your services. 

If a lead informed you that he/she wants to unsubscribe from your newsletter, you should stop delivering letters to their email immediately. The Report Center functionality enables you to do that. A recipient should click on the "Disable report delivery" button to stop receiving emails. 

5. Run your company accounts on social media platforms

Conduct competitive analysis to reveal what social media channels are used by your niche rivals and register your company accounts there. The world-renowned social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enables you to attract clients to your SEO Dashboard for free. Spend a few hours a day to boost your business social media presence or entrust this task to an SMM specialist. 

You may use the following approaches to attract leads from social media channels: 

  • Create posts on topics that would be useful for your target audience
  • Be proactive in the thematic groups
  • Respond to comments
  • Communicate with your audience by asking questions

You will find a detailed guide on how to attract leads from social media channels in our article devoted to tips on how to promote SEO Dashboard.

We've covered the basic lead generation techniques for online businesses there. By implementing them into your marketing strategy, you will attract prospective clients to your SEO Dashboard and encourage them to use your effective SEO tools.